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Qingdao Dashing International Logistics Co.,Ltd.
Room B1920,Digital Technology Center,No.63,Hai'er Road,Laoshan District,Qingdao City,Shandong Province ,China





Dashing (Qing Dao) International Logistic Company approved by national MOFTEC is an A-class international freight forwarding, which the main business is providing the logistic service for the import and export.

According to the core value of Dashing— “professional, effective, responsible”, Dashing will provide the superior services to the customer at full range. The business including a series of the logistic related service, container & bulk cargo charter, booking, import and export cargo distribution, warehousing, stuffing, packing, land transportation, import and export customs declaration, inspection declaration, as well as making foreign trade docs, insurance, transportation consulting..etc.

Dashing has built a good and close relationship with many ship-owning company through many years hard working. We keep the advantage on the line of southeast AsiaMiddle eastIndia& PakistanEurope MediterraneanCentral & south AmericaAmerica & Canada. We can export from many domestic ports without any barrier, like QingdaoTianjinShanghaiNingboDalianFuzhouXiamenShantouGuangzhou and Shenzhen.

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ADD:Room B1920,Digital Technology Center,No.63,Hai'er Road,Laoshan District,Qingdao City,Shandong,P.R.China